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IT pros should learn about these five common Citrix printing issues and how to address them. 1. Slow printing across the network. Like most Citrix features, printing has its own virtual channel in the independent computing architecture (ICA)/ high definition experience (.

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Citrix announced a new version of their own User Environment Management software called, Citrix Workspace Management – or WEM in short, At Synergy. As you probably know – Citrix acquired Norskale VUEM last year September and renamed it to Citrix Workspace Environment Manager. Read the whole announcement article here. WEM is a user environment.

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Also, the "Citrix PDF Printer" option allows me to easily print to any printer that my Chromebook is connected to, USB or wireless. Also, switching between different networks shows a warning of "connection loss" but then reconnects, usually within 5-15 seconds, with the new network without loss of function or screen freezing,.

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Citrix Supporting Infrastructure. The End User Experience Report enables administrators to clearly identify when a Citrix user is having a poor session experience. It does so by correlating five data points into one consolidated view: The User. Sign-in location. Applications or desktops launched. Connection speed.

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